Connecting Student Senate back to the students.  A Jones Administration will instill the power of Student Senate and our community’s wants and needs to serve the students by bringing them together.

The Student Voice

As president, I will push to put the Student Voice back where it belongs. Because of the turnover that our university sees in students and student leaders, over the past few years the student voice has slowly been silenced in areas of administrational decision making that we once dominated. SMU Administration is looking out for the students for tomorrow, but for the current students, all we have is today. Student’s concerns and opinions should be heard on every issue and decision. Reopening these lines of communication between administration and students could alleviate many problems on campus. Even just a gentle reminder on how a decision affects students before anyone could improve the daily life of student. The Student Voice was once “the” opinion. What the student’s said, went. Our voice still has this same power, all we need to do is take it back. I will be the President that brings that power back to our voice. I will stand up for the students’ opinions and I will insure that their needs are carried through. We are this University, and we have the power as students. I will be there to say no when a decision may negatively affect students and yes to the solutions that are necessary to better the student experience.

First Year Student Population

As an Orientation leader I am in the unique position to not only bring some changes to the programming we present to our incoming students, but also light the fire of change and activism in our students from the start. As an Orientation leader serving also as the President, I would like to install new and more diversity and sexual assault programming that can be continued later on in student’s academic careers. I would like to also highlight the beauty of our community here at SMU, and encourage students to challenge their old ways of thinking and step outside of their comfort zones. Starting conversations of connection and diversity early could make all the difference. I also plan on spending this opportunity informing our students of the value of Student Senate and the organizations on campus. Getting more students involved and active on campus can help bring community life to a new level. Letting the first-years know that Senate is here for them and how they can reach us can help build a more effective relationship between students and Senate. Opening lines of communication early can help us make SMU a better place faster.

Diverse and Minority Communities

Serving the diverse and minority communities on our campus has been a passion of mine since becoming a student. I want to continue doing this through the discussions of diversity and inclusivity that have been occurring on our campus. I will continue to speak up and stand out for every member of our community as I have tried my best to before now. I will make it a priority to continuously discuss what administration is doing to alleviate the problems minority students face on our campus with them. For discussion and support within the community, I have been working with student leaders to form a Town Hall for all students to discuss issues and brainstorm ideas for collaborative events to bridge divides within the SMU community as well as solve the problems faced everyday. I will continue this practice during my time as president.

Student Organizations

I will set up a monthly meeting where representatives from all organizations are present, so that we may come together as a community to discuss anything and everything. This would be the perfect time to discuss specific issues we as student organizations are facing on campus and find solutions. This is where Senate will discover how we can better serve the students and the organizations. What are we doing wrong, what are we doing right, and what could we be doing better for your organization. This would be a time for brainstorm and discussion across our community. I will continue to support all student organizations, and will also work closely with members from all four Greek Councils to make sure that Greek life on SMU continues to provide positive opportunities for growth and learning to the immense portion of students that are members. I would also like to continue the relationship between the Student Senate and the Assembly. We often find ourselves working on the same problems. United we will be an even stronger force for the Students.

Senate Involvement

During my year as President, I will encourage the Chamber to take a more active role in events and organizations they may not usually participate in. I will encourage senators to attend more and a wider range of the events put on by our Student Organizations, and further, to wear their nametags so that they can be identified. Not only will this help show Senate’s support of every aspect of our community, it will also begin repairing the separation of Senate from Students. Wearing a nametag and showing out at events will make Senate more present in our community, and more available for comments, suggestions, concerns, and questions for you, the student. I want Senate to be seen in every aspect of student life so that whenever there is a problem, we can be there to help.